The hustle and bustle of the CBD are not for everyone. While many find the energy and vibrant hum of working downtown to be exhilarating, others baulk at the crowds, noise, excruciating commute and the general stress levels. The dilemma for these folks is to balance the desire for a more laid-back and genteel work environment, with the need to be close enough to the action and in touch with the pulse of commerce.

Kew Junction Tower, located at 89 High Street, Kew perfectly achieves this feat. It is ideally placed in close proximity to the Melbourne CBD, but removed enough to offer a touch of calm and a delightful change of pace. Let’s look at what makes Kew Junction Tower such a superb choice and why you should consider occupying or owning an office in this extraordinary commercial property opportunity.

The Location

Kew Junction is a mere 15 minutes from the CBD by either car or tram. The idyllic, leafy green surrounds of Melbourne’s inner east provide a serene backdrop that distracts you from how close this location is from all the action. As such this location offers the perfect solution for those wanting to skip the traffic and work closer to home while still being at comfortable arms reach of the city centre. However, this is not to say that 89 High Street, Kew is an island of commercial activity in a sea of suburban calm. Kew Junction is a long-established satellite business centre that boasts a wealth of thriving local businesses, in addition to hosting numerous larger corporations who have opted to make Kew Junction and the surrounding areas their home.

This iconic suburban centre also boasts a superb retail, dining and café scene that rival any part of Melbourne and makes the area as much a lifestyle choice as a place to start or grow a business.

The Property

The sleek, modern exterior of Kew Junction Tower is just the beginning of the wonderful experience of working in this stunning building. From the gorgeous entrance lobby, you move upwards through seven floors of bright, modern office spaces with room for sole operators through to organisations of up to twenty people; all with clean, modern design and tasteful appointments. If at any stage, you require some additional workspace or a large, impressive meeting room, these are available on a casual basis as needed. On-site facilities include a free gym to help you unwind and stay in shape, in addition to a gorgeous café that makes the perfect place for a quick briefing or an enjoyable lunch or coffee break with colleagues.

Another intangible benefit of Kew Junction Tower is that it has become something of a magnet for start-ups and entrepreneurs who share the desire to enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle while growing their enterprises. This has created something of a business incubator culture on the premises. Many occupants find that they enjoy fruitful and productive networking opportunities with other like-minded business people with whom they can trade, collaborate or share ideas and strategies. Whether you’re looking to purchase a commercial office or to rent an office in a prime location, you’re sure to benefit from an environment that fosters creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

The Access

Are you ready for the easiest commute of your career? With two busy tram lines offering access to large swathes of Melbourne’s inner east and northern suburbs, as well as proximity to Glenferrie train station, public transport is a breeze. Road access is similarly hassle-free, with numerous major arteries channelling through to this prime location. If you are coming in by car, you will find an onsite, under-cover car park available for your convenience and safety.

The Opportunity

If you’re searching for the perfect place to redefine your work life, 89 High Street, Kew is the address that can help you achieve your goals. With so much to offer on both professional and lifestyle levels, now is the time to consider Kew Junction Tower as your next office location. For more information, or to arrange an inspection, contact MCO, and we’ll be happy to introduce you to this gem of a property.

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