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Myth Busters – Debunking 5 Misconceptions About Commercial Real Estate Investment

Buying a commercial property can be a great investment. Nevertheless, many people miss out on prime opportunities because they fear the industry is too complex and risky. The trouble is, most of these fears are based on harmful misconceptions. To set the record straight, we’re about to debunk the five most common commercial real estate […]

Exchange Tower

Commercial Property In Focus – Exchange Tower: 530 Little Collins Street

Does the vibrant buzz of Melbourne’s city centre set your heart on fire and send your mind racing with the possibilities of the future? If the gleaming skyscrapers and bustling city streets fill you with energy and enthusiasm, then you are sure to be searching for an office space that takes advantage of this dynamic […]

Commercial Property Investment

Commercial & COVID – Know Your Rights as a Commercial Property Owner

The good news is that it looks like we’ve finally turned the corner. After months (or what seemed like years if you were home-schooling your kids) of lockdown, the restrictions are easing, and we’re finally getting back to normal.   The bad news is that the economic shock waves resulting from COVID-19 promise to reverberate […]


Amicable Agreement: Everything to Know When Negotiating a Commercial Lease Agreement – Part 2: The Tenant

Most people have experience in negotiating residential leases. However, when negotiating a commercial lease, it is important to be aware that are significant differences. On a basic level, commercial leases can vary more widely than residential because the needs of each tenant are significantly different. As such, all aspects of a lease are up for negotiation […]

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Amicable Agreement: Everything to Know When Negotiating a Commercial Lease Agreement – Part 1: The Landlord

There are many unique considerations to take into account when negotiating a commercial lease agreement. Every aspect of the lease needs to be meticulously crafted to deliver the best possible outcome for yourself, and the tenant. If clauses are missing from the final agreement, if they are ill-defined in any way, or if there are […]

Commercial Property Investment Blog Post - Eco

Lightbulb Moments – 5 Tips for Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Your Commercial Property

In an increasingly eco-conscious world, reducing energy consumption is not only the ecologically responsible choice, but it’s also good business sense. Commercial properties are complex creatures and many landlords may be reluctant to ‘Go Green’ because of the initial costs involved. We’re not going to lie, asserting your environmental credentials can be an expensive business. […]

Collins Street Tower

Commercial Property in Focus – Collins Street Tower: 480 Collins Street, Melbourne

We don’t always pay much attention to addresses. Most of the time they’re little more than the destination to which we direct our cab or Uber driver. However, some addresses are something far more than this. Sometimes, they can be a statement. Collins Street Tower at 480 Collins Street, Melbourne is that kind of address. […]


Next Level – Advanced Commercial Real Estate Investing Tips

Those of you that already have your feet wet in the commercial real estate investing game will be well aware of how challenging and rewarding it can be. Outstanding returns, stable, long-term rental income, lower ongoing overheads and a host of other benefits await those who are prepared to do their homework, employ well thought […]

Sales & Leasing

Occupied Territory – The Pros & Cons of Owner Occupied Commercial Property

Being an owner-occupier of a commercial property can be an excellent investment that turns your working space into an income generating asset. The situation has numerous advantages, but also some potential pitfalls. Let’s look at the various pros and cons to determine what prospective owners should look out for and how to best manage the […]

Work environment

5 Tips to Creating a Positive Working Space for You and Your Tenants

It’s no secret that the working environment has a tangible impact on a person’s mood and general well-being. When people are happy with their surroundings, their focus improves and productivity increases. As commercial real estate investors, it’s our responsibility to create a positive atmosphere for our employees and our tenants from the moment they enter […]

Commercial Property Investment

How to Manage a Commercial Property – The Comprehensive Guide

As a property owner and landlord, you might feel that you have competing responsibilities: maximising the return on your investment, while at the same time ensuring that your tenants are happy with their experience. Let’s look at what you need to know to make sure your investment runs smoothly-

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Relocation Blues – The Essential Guide to Make Your Next Office Move Smoother

Relocating your office is a fraught exercise. Invariably, there are numerous pieces of bulky furniture, electronics and signage to move in addition to the long list of small items to catalogue, pack and shift. There is also the thorny challenge of managing your team over a compacted timeframe. It’s not feasible to shut down a […]

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