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The commercial office landscape has changed dramatically over the last 18 months. As more employees are looking for choice and flexibility for where and how they work, more and more businesses are changing the way their office looks.

On the way out are the dull cubicles and lifeless grey offices. Instead, we are seeing workspaces that inspire employees to leave their home office, with excellent kitchen facilities, more communal areas to foster teamwork, and a decor that boosts inspiration. Why are smart entrepreneurs spending more money on creating visually appealing workspaces? Simple. Renting the right office space for your company boosts productivity and reinstates a culture of connectivity that was lost during the pandemic.

When you consider that we spend around 33% of our lives at work, the importance of a positive work environment becomes apparent. The reason behind this simplistic approach is the foundation of creating high-achieving teams. Here are 4 simple ways your office set-up can help boost your company culture;

1. Collaboration Is Key

The way in which employees interact with each other is the single greatest predictor for how efficient and productive a team is. One study that looked into this critical business area spanned across a number of industries, from creatives through to corporates bankers. They discovered that the frequency, the tone, and the length of interactions among staff was key, and that going against the industry-standard for productivity by creating one break time for all of the staff improved productivity enormously, simply because the staff members were able to interact in an informal manner.

Offices with foosball, table tennis or pool tables, relaxation areas and other healthy distraction improved productivity, especially now that millennials are dominating the workspaces. An open-plan office enables a more cohesive workspace.

2. Reducing Stress for Improved Decision-Making

NASA did a study on air quality a while back and the results are still astonishing today. They discovered that plants within the office can improve productivity, thanks to their ability to filter the air and remove harmful toxins, like formaldehyde, from the air. Cleaner air improves concentration. The colour green also has a relaxing effect on the brain. The human eye is capable of detecting more shades of green than any other colour. Introducing plants into the workplace triggers an unconscious calming reaction in employees’ minds. A calmer brain is more productive as the logical frontal cortex is engaged.

3. Improved Creativity

A visually appealing workspace assists in improving creativity. If you work in accounting or legal industries, creativity might seem pointless. However, creativity also means finding innovative solutions to complex issues, irrespective of what industry you’re in. A positive, vibrant and visually appealing environment can also foster better overall creativity because your team is more engaged and committed to finding solutions. Such a workplace also sends an important message to employees: it tells them that they matter. In turn, this engages their interest in and loyalty to the company.

4. It’s A Cost-Effective Investment

A full office re-vamp can be costly. If you don’t possess a creative eye, it becomes even more costly when you have to employ the services of a professional designer or decorator. In contrast, moving into a fully fit-out or furnished workspace that is already visually appealing, can be more cost-effective than updating your old drab office space.


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